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03: Sifu

General Info

  • Name: Sifu
  • Release Date: 8 Feb 2022
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Stores and IDs

  • Steam: 2138710
  • Epic: c80a76de890145edbe0d41679dbccc66

Overview of Mod loading process(es)

Modding Sifu, like most Unreal Engine games is fairly trivial, mods consist of a .pak and a .sig files that need to be installed to "Content\Paks\~mods" (to the root of that directory). The engine loads them automatically.

With Sifu, most mods are simply custom costumes so load order isn't much of a concern.

Uploaded Files Structure

Some mods contain the files at the root of the archives, others contain the full directory structure Content/Paks/~mods Some mods may contain multiple pairs of .pak/.sig files but for the most part it should be safe to just move all those files to the right directory and let the game load them all.

Additional Considerations for Manager


Essential Mods & Tools


Deployment Strategy

Nothing special to do here

Work To Do


Misc Notes