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The Nexus Mods App

Mod With Confidence
The future of modding with Nexus Mods.

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If you want to know how the App works, see Mod With Confidence.



Requirements: Windows 10 or newer and a x64 CPU, we don't support Windows on ARM.

Download and run the Windows Installer from the latest release on GitHub.


The App requires the following programs to be available at runtime:

  • xdg-open to open URLs in your browser.
  • update-desktop-database to update the MIME cache after creating a desktop entry file for the NXM link handler.


You can download the AppImage file NexusMods.App.x86_64.AppImage from the latest release on GitHub. Make sure you have the following dependencies installed before running the AppImage:

  • FUSE 2 is required to run any AppImage.
  • glibc 2.2.5 or newer
  • glibc++ 3.4 or newer

System Package Manager

If you're want to create a package for a platform, see Contributing for more details.

Packaging status


We currently don't publish releases for macOS.

The Team

Nexus Mods App Team

Vortex Team


See Contributors for a full list of contributors.

Former maintainers: