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Getting Started

Describes how to compile and run the Nexu Mods App.

The Nexus Mods App is programmed in C# with latest .NET Runtime. Setup should be easy.


Our development team uses Rider, however Visual Studio is a great free offering on Windows. Other code editors like VSCode may work for you with extensions, however may be a bit more complicated to use.

That's all. Open the project (.sln), build, and you're done.

Tools for UI Development

Visual Studio and JetBrains Rider both have avalonia extensions that allow previewing ui designs (.axaml files).

You can install via web or from inside the IDEs extension managers themselves.

There are also some Item Templates for Avalonia that can be very useful to have, helping you make things like new 'Windows' and 'Controls' easier.

Code Guidelines

Have a look inside Development Guidelines 😉.