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IFileSystem on Absolute Paths

Context and Problem Statement

With the switch to a IFileSystem abstraction (see ADR 0004) we need to decide where the IFileSystem should be used, should they be only in components, with AbsolutePath remaining just a set of strings, or should AbsolutePath always be relative to a given IFileSystem?

Decision Drivers

  • Ease of use, we want the API to feel natural
  • Avoid foot-guns: make it hard to accidentally use the wrong IFileSystem in a given context
  • Simplicity: we'd like to avoid having to pass around a IFileSystem everywhere or using AbsolutePath/IFilesystem pairs

Considered Options

  • Pass a IFileSystem to every component that needs it.
    • Has a disadvantage of users accidentally passing a path to a component initialized with the wrong IFileSystem
    • Some components only need a IFileSystem for a single method
    • Some methods on AbsolutePath need a IFileSystem to work, these methods then become infectious throughout the code
    • Not all methods that use a AbsolutePath are on a component (e.g. extension methods). These then need to be passed a IFileSystem as well, which further infects the code with IFileSystem references.
    • Some methods don't even make sense when using a IFileSystem attached to the component. For example the FileExtractor should extract files from and to anywhere, the filesystems involved are irrelevant, the filesystem to be used in a given call to the extractor is completely reliant on the path passed in
  • Require that every AbsolutePath have an attached IFileSystem
    • Paths and IFileSystem are now tightly coupled, which makes it harder to use them in isolation, but makes it harder to accidentally use the wrong IFileSystem
    • Components that create AbsolutePath instances need to be passed a IFileSystem to use, but this makes sense as these are the "constructor" methods for the given paths

Decision Outcome

Since there are cases where attaching IFileSystem to a component cannot work semantically, the decision was made to place the IFileSystem on the AbsolutePath itself. This means that every AbsolutePath has an attached IFileSystem and that only components that need to create AbsolutePath instances ex nihilo need to be passed a IFileSystem. If the behavior of such a component needs to be configured, it can be done by configuring the IFileSystem used in the DI container.